Please note: Due to the size of our community, many township officials conduct business from their home offices, as well as hold part or full-time positions in addition to their township duties, therefore they may not always be available. Thank you for your patience.

If you need to see the supervisor in person, please call to schedule an appointment. Note: The supervisor’s office DOES NOT have access to property tax information. Please contact Kevin Kaczmarek, township treasurer, for assistance.

Do not send mail or packages to the old twp hall’s street address on Newberry. Please use one of the appropriate addresses listed below. Thank you!

Moffatt Township Board
Supervisor – Ray Daniels
6485 Wolverine Trail, Alger, MI 48610
Phone: 989-450-9826

Please note: Ray is also a notary public

Clerk – Stefanie Kernstock
PO Box 58 Alger, MI 48610

Office hours – Mondays – 10am-5pm – Moffatt Twp Fire Hall

Treasurer – Kevin Kaczmarek
PO Box 101 – Alger, MI 48610

Kevin’s tax collection dates are posted on our Property Taxes page.

Trustees – Lee Chard and Leonard Mezey

Constable – Pat Jedrzejczyk

Christina Jenkins Sloan – Deputy Township Clerk
Annette Kaczmarek – Deputy Township Treasurer

Fire Department
1590 M-76 Alger, MI 48610

Rick Kalosis – Chief – 989-836-2865
Tom Spencer- 1st Assistant Chief
Pat Jedrzejczyk – 2nd Assistant Chief
Mark Thurlow – Safety Officer
John McCallum – Quartermaster/Training
Stefanie Kernstock – Secretary

Planning Commission
Patrick Jedrzejczyk – Chairman
Ron Vittirow – Vice-Chairman
Marion Chard – Secretary
Len Mezey – Trustee
Andy Morley – Trustee

Toni Brusch
PO Box 882
Mio, MI 48647

Zoning Administrator
John Hoffman

Zoning Board of Review
Marion Chard
Janette Zajechowski
Curtis Brown

Zoning Board of Appeals
Kim Spencer
Patrick Jedrzejczyk
Marian Seder